“Twas the Night Before…” Contest — From December 1 through 20, 2018, a group of Coffee Time Romance authors are making spirits bright! 

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On the contest page, you’ll see a sentence taken from the excerpt posted below – but with one word missing!  Fill in the missing word, visit other author sites and find their missing words, and you’ll have a chance to win the prize.

My gift is a free copy of HER VERY MAJOR CHRISTMAS, which has been called “an ideal in-front-of-the-fire with a glass of wine and box of chocs Christmas-related read.”

Good luck and have fun!


It was a devilish way to be welcomed into the family.

The dark-haired woman had crept into the library, taken one look at him, then screamed and fainted dead away. He’d lunged toward her, hoping to catch her before she crumpled to the floor. He didn’t quite reach her in time.

Women had screamed at the sight of his scarred face before but usually not until they’d gotten a better look at him. Guiltily aware that her unconscious condition was his fault, he gathered her up into his arms, meaning to place her on the sofa at the far end of the room. If he moved fast enough he could put her down before his marked visage caused her to faint again. She was a soft, sturdy little thing with a pale face and dark hair that spilled over his arm.

He only had time to carry her halfway to the sofa before he heard a furious pounding of feet on the floorboards outside the library. The door to the library burst open. Through the door came an elderly lady, followed by an old man with a pair of dueling pistols, one in each hand.

“Unhand that female! Get back, you fiend!” the old man shouted, waving the pistols. Burdened by the woman in his arms, the major froze as one of the weapons dipped dangerously in his direction.

The gun went off with a roar. A pistol ball whistled past his head and lodged in the wall near the window. The lady shrieked.

The old man looked astonished, turning the pistol around so he could squint down the smoking barrel. “By Jove, I didn’t even touch the blasted trigger.”

Find the missing word, and enter the contest! GOOD LUCK! 




IT’S HERE! – Tuesday, October 16, is launch day for HER WILD IRISH ROGUE, a tale of love and adventure in Paris after the fall of Napoleon in 1815. Check it out:

Loving a warrior is dangerous. Trusting a spy is foolish.

The Napoleonic Wars are over. To continue serving his country, war hero Captain Stephen Killian is determined to learn the subtle tradecraft of a spy. He never knew that attending glittering balls and masquerades was such a dangerous pursuit. In her own way, delectable cryptographer Emma Forgall is just as dangerous to his heart.

Miss Emma Forgall is the daughter of Wellington’s spymaster. Her grace and charm win her the confidence of the rulers and diplomats who have gathered to carve up Napoleon’s former empire. But now she must work with a hot-headed former cavalry officer who starts a sword-fight at the opera! Captain Killian’s swordplay is thrilling, but Emma has her doubts about whose side he’s on. 

When a plot against the Allies threatens to re-ignite the turmoil of war, can Killian and Emma join forces to catch the culprits? 

The ebook will be live Oct. 16, 2018 — paperback to follow! You can find it online at Amazon, Draft2Digital, or wherever online books are sold



My sweet Regency Christmas novellas LYDIA’S CHRISTMAS CHARADE and HER VERY MAJOR CHRISTMAS, as well as my first full-length Regency romance, A LIMITED ENGAGEMENT, are now available on Amazon.com. Navigate to my BOOKS page for more details on these charming, kisses-only tales of love and laughter.

Praise:  LYDIA’S CHRISTMAS CHARADE was reviewed by the historical fiction novel review site, Discovering Diamonds, saying,  It is charming and touching and in places fun.” 

The Discovering Diamonds reviewer also enjoyed  HER VERY MAJOR CHRISTMAS, calling it “An ideal in-front-of-the-fire with a glass of wine and box of chocs Christmas-related read.”

Of A LIMITED ENGAGEMENT, the Discovering Diamonds reviewer had this to say: “I found Saralee Etter’s A Limited Engagement to be a thoroughly enjoyable escapism read. Just right for a cold winter night curled in front of the fire, or for an entertaining holiday read.”


It’s true! On January 2 & 3, 2018, I was a contestant on the long-running TV game show, Jeopardy! It was a tremendous experience — definitely worth every nail-biting moment. If you’d like to find out more, I wrote about my journey to Jeopardy! here..