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Victorian Crochet for Christmas

onlyadancinggirlChristmas is not too far away! Are you crafty and wondering what to make for that beloved Auntie or other relation? Fear not! There’s still time to crochet a Victorian-style gift for a family member who appreciates handmade things.

During the Victorian era, a dutiful upper-middle-class woman’s leisure time would have been occupied in making decorative items to wear and to decorate their homes.

Working for financial gain was out of the question for a well-off married Victorian woman – it would have reflected poorly on her husband. Furthermore, the woman of the house would have servants to clean and cook for the family, so she would have turned her attention to other activities such as socializing by paying morning calls, doing charity work, and hobbies.

There were plenty of ladies journals and magazines containing helpful instructions for making any number of things: Beadwork, painting on glass or china, decoupage, scrapbooking, and all forms of needlework including knitting, tatting, petit point and crocheting.

These hobbies are still popular among many people, myself included. Here are some wonderful online resources of vintage patterns (both Victorian and Victorian-style) for avid crocheters: a collection of rare and hard to find 1920’s (and earlier) needlework books containing patterns for beautiful creations from times past. Free, public-domain content. Old patterns, but not necessarily only Victorian. Has patterns for afghans, pin cushions, lace jabots, fascinators and more. A very lovely collection. Includes patterns for crochet, tatting, beading, Hardanger embroidery, and other crafts. More nice scanned-in crochet resources. Instructions for a lacy crocheted border. Very pretty. Two patterns for making Irish lace jabots. A jabot is a decorative frill that is worn at the collar of a blouse. Heritage crochet patterns and traditional style doilies, pillows, afghans, and more. A blogger mentions two crochet pattern books from the 1890s which she cherishes. Crocheting and darning patterns from the Victorian era as well as knitting.


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Fall Back in Time with a Great Historical Romance Novel!

Early in the morning today, November 1, 2015, is when we in the USA turned our clocks back, marking the end of Daylight Savings Time. An extra hour of sleep is always welcome!

Today is also the Historical Romance Network‘s #fallbackintime event! We have all been posting selfies of ourselves reading historical romance novels. Here is Yours Truly, reading my first Regency romance novel:

There are other great historical romance novels out there that you might like. What’s your favorite?

Maybe you’d like to try one or more of the following books.
Check them out at the Great Escapes Books website.